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Other IUBS publications

· The Urban Sanctuary, Algae and Marine Invertebrates of Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary
Jessica Reeves & John Buckeridge
Published by Greypath Productions.

urban sanctuary

· Bioindicators and Environmental Management
Edited by D.W. Jeffrey & B. Madden. ISBN°0-12-382590-3. 1991. 358 pp.
(to be ordered from Academic Press Ltd., 24-28 Oval Rd., London NW1 7DX, U.K.).

· Improving the Stability of Names: Needs and Options
Edited by D.L. Hawksworth. ISBN°3874293289. 1991. 358 pp. (to be ordered from Koeltz Scientific Books, 6240 Königstein / Tanunus, Germany).

· Biodiversity: Scientific Issues and Collaborative Research Proposals
Edited by O.T. Solbrig. MAB Digest N°9. 1991. 77 pp. (to be ordered from UNESCO/MAB, 7 place de Fontenoy, 75700 Paris, France).

· Time Scale and Water Stress : Proceedings of the 5th Intl Congress on Mediterranean Ecosystems (MEDECOS V)
Edited by F. di Castri, C. Floret, S. Rambal & J. Roy. ISBN°9290460725. 1989. 678 pp.

· Crop Genetic Resources - The Conservation of Difficult Material
Edited by L.A. Withers & J.T. Williams. ISBN°9290460687. 1982. 134 pp.

· Genetic Variation and its Maintenance
Edited by D.F. Roberts & G.F. de Stefano. ISBN° 0521332575
(to be ordered from Cambridge University Press, The Pitt Building, Trumpington St., Cambridge CB2 1RP, U.K.) 1986.

· Capacity for Work in the Tropics
Edited by K.J. Collins & D.F. Roberts. 1988. ISBN° 0521309352
(to be ordered from Cambridge University Press, The Pitt Building, Trumpington St., Cambridge CB2 1RP, U.K.).

· Human Impact on Coral Reefs: Facts and Recommendations
Edited by B. Salvat. 1987.
(to be ordered from Professor B. Salvat, Centre de Biologie & d'Ecologie Tropicale et Méditerranéenne, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Lab. Biologie Marine & Malacologie, Univ. de Perpignan, Ave. de Villeneuve, 66025 Perpignan Cedex, France).

· Biodiversity, Science and Development, Towards a New partnership
Edited by Francesco di Castri and Talal Younes. ISBN°0851989314. First printing in 1996 by CABI.
(to be ordered from CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 8DE, U.K.; fax 44-0491-833508) 646 pp.

· Rebirth of Science in Africa: A Shared Vision for Life and Environmental Sciences.
Edited by Himansu Baijnath & Yashica Singh. Published in 2002 by Umdaus Press, South Africa, 246 pp.

· PreCop9 report
preliminary version of BI n°48


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