BCGC detailed programme

Action plan for the triennium 2012-2015

Action 1: Program network expansion
In the next triennium, the project will attract more scientists and partners by expanding its international network and increasing its international scientific research working force so as to promote its influence and increase its research capability. According to suggestions of the review committee, the project intends to strengthen its links with UNESCO, ICSU and iCCB by jointly hosting workshops and training courses. The new project will request increased funding from the China Association of Science and Technology, Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Action 2: Website and data-base construction
The BCGC website is a very important platform for the communication between many international scientists. Through the website, BCGC aims to build an open access database to promote data sharing among scientists. In 2011, the project set up a primary website and data-base. To raise their standard and improve capability, there is a need to promote its functions. This website is also an important tool to increase visibility and influence of the BCGC.

Action 3: International symposia and/or workshops
The project aims to organize two international symposia or workshops, with emphasis on range shift of species under global warming and responses of biodiversity change to human disturbances.

Action 4: Publications
The project aims to publish 2 special issues of BCGC in the SCI-indexed journal, Integrative Zoology. Using this platform, BCGC will report its own findings and opinions on the topic of global change.

Action 5: International training course on BCGC

Training and education have always been an important aspect of the project and has become one of its important aims. During the next triennium, the project intends to organize 2 international training classes under the BCGC theme. During the last triennium, the project organised 3 BCGC training courses, all of which were welcomed and effective.

Activities planned for 2015:

  1. The 7th International Symposium of Integrative Zoology (ISIZ), 25-31 Aug 2015. Within the symposium, a workshop on plague and climate change and a workshop on Wildlife Camera Monitoring program will be organized.
  2. Cooperative Studies for the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB) and Fusarium Dieback cross Viet Nam and China
  3. International Training on Forest Invasive Species in Central Asia



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